Floral proposals that maximize your profits

Find the perfect flowers, impress your clients, and calculate profit before an event.


World's first floral design suite

Launched in 2013, Lobiloo is wholesome.

It's your library, it's where you plan and manage your events, and it's where you order flowers and bill for your services. All that, made simple.

Create and reuse your best arrangements

Pick thousands of flowers by season, type and color to create and store your floral designs. You can turn them into recipes, and reuse in your future events.

Connect Pinterest and Instagram

Everything that catches your eye is made always available in Lobiloo's library, and ready to be included in your next proposal.

Manage wedding, party, or any other floral events

Keep your client & venue details, plus all your notes in one place.

And yes, multiple venues per event are absolutely supported.

Let Lobiloo estimate the costs

With wholesale pricing import, margins, and tax calculations, Lobiloo connects all aspects of your business, and streamlines it.

It's spreadsheet magic, without the spreadsheets.

Make every proposal stunning

Lobiloo brings in agility, consistency and good design when you're selling your ideas - and ultimately helps sealing the deal.

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  • Find the perfect flowers
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Made by florists, for florists

Wedding, party, and other florists love Lobiloo because it proved to make their life easier, and their businesses more successful.

It handles all the boring repetitive tasks, whether you're busy with one or dozens of clients.

Being a Lobiloo florist means you move faster, are more agile, and gain time to do things you really want to do.


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How Lobiloo helps

Accelerate the negotiation aspect of your floral event planning and win!

Stem counting minimizes waste and increases profitability

It just so happens that flowers are perishable -- is that's why we find them so precious?

With continuous stem counting you always know exactly how much to order.

Make last minute changes

Because you can! Lobiloo makes it easy for you to change anything, and in seconds send out a brand new proposal, wholesale order or a payable invoice.

Send payable invoices and track payments

Turn your latest estimate into an invoice and send to client in a matter of clicks.

Lobiloo can even make your invoices click-to-pay, and collect payments directly to your bank account.

Turn visitors into clients

Your visitors can inquire about your services through Lobiloo's web-to-lead form.

Contact our support to get free assistance for your use case!

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